Sunday, February 6, 2011

Military Recruiters attempt to bribe U of O Multicultural Center Students

Military Recruiters came in the Multicultural Center offering 'big rewards' to students of color- if they only sign up for the military. The recruiters entered a safe space offering military service. Steve Morizumi, Director of the Multicultural Center said he was surprised "They came in here offering this"!

To any who are considering military service, please read below.

A Navy officer had this to say about recruiters "Don't give them your information, if you do they will crawl up your butt and die. If you want to know about service and what you are really signing up for- go talk to a service member. You will only hear what you want to hear from a recruiter".

One Marine service member reported this (he declined to give a name in fear of retribution) "They will tell you anything you want. I was promised thousands of dollars, non-combat roles, local stationing and all those good things. They even wrote it down on the contract, in ink, right before my eyes. I didn't get any of that! The gave me base pay, sent me to Afghanistan, and threatened me with continual reassignment into 'hot combat regions. I went to them on leave and demanded what I was promised- they said look closely at the contract. There was a box and if what was promised was not in the box, it didn't count. The recruiters are a pack of liars."

The machinations of war are well funded and will do anything to perpetuate their own existence.

Service is brutal, pushing one's body to the breaking point and sometimes actually breaking. The stress one has to live with in combat roles and the pressure of deciding where people will be fighting and dying is no lite matter. The mental casualties far outweigh the actual death toll- the wounded coming home and experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), to say nothing of the suicides which follow every war owing to the haunting from the atrocities of war. The suffering of the soldiers is terrible, meanwhile the civilians in a war zone face all of this and worse, making their unprepared subjection to the violence especially cruel and horrendous tolls.

The military service is a dangerous business, you may die, be ordered to kill others and is a bureaucratic nightmare. If you want to defend the freedoms of others, then you must recognize that the most basic freedom is that of life, upon which all other lesser freedoms are applied. To join the military is to validate and support the system which is the most fundamental denial of freedom- life. One may say that in an abstract, the military is defending our general freedom, but if that process is by denying other's freedom, is that really ideologically sound? If one wishes to defend freedom, oughtn't that defense be an affirmation of freedom? Shouldn't instead, the freedom be fostered by an education process which espouses the universal human rights, the understanding of cultural differences, the process that creates an understanding of the world around us. For is our solution is shoot and cause harm, that narrows the scope of information to one's immediate surroundings and makes growth extremely difficult.

To challenge this system, one need only begin at the start. Hold information which promotes truth in recruiting. Demanding that the youth of our societies are given all the information and possibilities and alternatives to military service. Colleges and High Schools are especially subject to the military recruitment. To dampen this presence, tabling in company of the military is a one small way to spread the truth. Once one understands the situation, the only way to oppose the situation is the cast it off entirely. Read a military contract, highlight all the sections that give the military permission to change the contract, terms and conditions of service and limitations of all manner of self improvements. One can only reach the conclusion that the military is a sham institution of exploitation. To follow out this logical path, simply display this truth and replace their lies with a Truth in Recruiting. Assemble a local committee to counter military recruiting and move forward to expel these violent elements from your campus, make them ineffective and challenge the assertions of their propaganda.

Service is a commendable thing, but one needs to serve a just cause and defend an actual ideological freedom, for all people. The military is not the institution for such a commitment. The Insurgent stands in solidarity, as an ally to all planetary pacifists, deserters, conscience objectors and war resistors who seek to end the violence denial of fundamental freedoms.

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