Sunday, February 13, 2011

Military seizes control in Egypt

All eyes are on Egypt. The victory of Mubarak's resignation has swept the world in a powerful discussion about standing for one's rights, tactics to achieve those rights and make the world we all secretly want. The reality for the people in Egypt is already becoming frightening, the military with the police, are taking command and driving protesters from Tahrir square. The military is perilously close to becoming just another dictatorship.

"Egyptian military disbands parliament, suspends constitution
Military officials also set a timeline, vowing to rule Egypt for six months or until elections are held. Meanwhile, the army makes a sweep of Tahrir Square, ousting remaining protesters.

As the campers watched the army clear the square, a parade of police and ordinary Egyptians materialized like a flash flood. The cops in blue sweaters and berets were raised on people's shoulders and waved Egyptian flags.

"The police and army are one," they chanted. The policemen pumped their fists and converged with the protesters' stage. "God is great, God is great," the two groups roared, while cars beeped and inched forward, as if nothing unusual had happened.

Some responded in anger at the police. One young man tried to charge them. "The police killed us! Don't believe them," he shouted, before a group pulled him back.

Others looked on, bemused. Tahrir Square was slowly returning to normal. They believed the people had won.

"We are taking our freedom," said Wael Mustafa, 40. He smiled at the scene of soldiers, protesters, police and cars bumper to bumper. He predicted that if the army didn't keep its word, "the people will come back."

But he was sure better days were coming."-LA Times

What those days hold before those better days hold is unclear, but the choice for a better world is in the hands of the military. The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with the people of Egypt, condemning the military opposition of protests and holds that all power should be in the hands of the people.

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