Saturday, February 19, 2011

Minesota: The government threatens to take away collective bargaining.

Wisconsin is protesting the end of collective bargaining! The Republican-led government is trying to shut workers out of fair pay, benefits and their rights to organize.

"On Tuesday, some 15,000 people massed inside the Capitol and on the grounds to oppose the Republican governor’s plan to eliminate collective bargaining rights for many of the state’s public employees...

Schools in Madison were closed Wednesday as hundreds of teachers joined thousands of people at the state Capitol to protest Governor Scott Walker’s plan to strip workers’ rights.

The largest protests in Wisconsin in years continued Thursday at the state capitol in Madison, which was occupied by upset state workers earlier this week in response to Governor Scott Walker's proposal to cut salaries, benefits and collective bargaining rights and his threat to call in the National Guard against the workers. On Wednesday, Walker's measure was advanced in committee, and the State Senate is expected to take up the measure today."-Twincities IndyMedia

On Friday night, crowds gathered in Madison, huge crowds. With the capital rotunda filled and spilling outside, the police are waiting nearby, while their union, along with the firemen are not threatened. The

"The State estimates 35,000 people alone were inside the Capitol rotunda. And judging from the photos of the simultaneous demonstration outside, the crowds on the Capitol grounds were just as big, if not bigger.

Together, the entire crowd had to be closer 70,000. And let's remember, it was literally freezing outside.

While the protest is receiving a decent amount of attention, the enormity of the crowd has not."-Al Rodgers

Meanwhile conservative talk show host says people shouldn't "bend over and take it" by keeping collective bargaining rights. Because every worker should get fucked over by themselves. Brilliant.

The organizers are determined to remain non-violent, but resistant.

"Today is NON-VIOLENT. Stay close to friends, watch out for each other, if your temper is up get out of the situation."-the labor organizers said

The Student Insurgent stands with the Wisconsin labor movement, in efforts of empowerment to make sure all the workers are taken care of.

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