Monday, February 21, 2011

More on Uprisings in Libya and Yemen

The Protests are sweeping across the Middle East, having started in Tunisia, the fire of reform has spread to Egypt, leading to the ousting of Mubarak, now it has spread to Yemen and Libya. The yemen protests are growing, but remain almost entirely non-violent. In stark contrast to Yemen, the Libyan protests are facing what can only be described in the muffled language of decency- horrible, dreadful and utterly terrible retribution.

In Yemen "Large crowds of Houthis have joined pro-democracy protests in northern Yemen as a wave of demonstrations against President Ali Abdullah Saleh enters its 10th day." The Yemen protests have gained religious legs "Yemeni clerics have issued a statement prohibiting the use of force against protesters. They called the violence a crime and called for a ban on arbitrary detention and torture"- Al Jazeera.

In Libya the scene is much worse. Without religious support, the government has been far more violent than protesters "It said the protests had resulted in up to 400 deaths. Human Rights Watch earlier cited a death toll of 233"-Al Jazeera. now the government is embarking on a genocidal campaign, to kill anyone seen in public. Meanwhile the president may have fled the country and much of the military is AWOL. Since the military is missing the killing is done by Merenaries,

It is impossible to get a clear picture of events, but here goes:
"pictures told the story with a grainy, fuzzed reality, fantasy turned to fire and burning police stations in Benghazi and Tripoli, to corpses and angry, armed men, of a woman with a pistol leaning from a car door, of a crowd of students"-Independent

"Libyan cities and regime stalwarts began defecting as the pillars of Moamer Gathafi's hardline rule were targeted in Tripoli amid reports he had fled the country. Benghazi in the east had fallen to demonstrators... Two Libyan warplanes with four personnel on board who said they had escaped Benghazi air base after it was overrun by protesters landed in Malta... soldiers and diplomats, other senior regime officials had also defected to the side of protesters, demanding that Gathafi go after more than 41 years in power"-Al Jazeera.

While protest are have absolute success in some regions, the demonstrators, along with anyone in the streets are being killed by "armed mercenaries have gone on a shooting spree, carrying out a massacre in Tripoli...landed from helicopters in some neighborhoods in the capital and opened fire on 'anyone in the streets,' causing a large number of deaths. There has been "a massacre" in the Tajura and Fashlum districts of the Libyan capital, with gunmen indiscriminately shooting people including women, the report added"- Al Jazeera. "Gunfire and flames and cellphone screams; quite an epitaph for a regime"-The Independent. Even if the people take over, it is unclear what path a new government would take, this is the promise and the peril of the situation.

Meanwhile the state government is in denial, ignorant or determined to confused about the situation "Libyan state television said security forces were battling "dens of terrorists" in a sweep that has killed a number of people, without specifying where this was or who was being targeted " in response "Protesters in the capital attacked the state broadcaster's offices and overnight set alight branches of the People's Committees that are the mainstay of Gathafi's regime"- Al Jazeera

As Gathafi's Regime falls into bloodshed, it has been reported that he fled the country, but this won't be known for days. Until he makes a statement on foreign media, repairs state media or his body is found. But let there be no mistake, his fall is a blessing "For decades, his opponents tried to kill him; they rose up as nationalists, as prisoners in his torture chambers, as Islamists on the streets of – yes! – Benghazi. And he smote them all down. Indeed, this venerable city had already achieved its martyrdom status in 1979 when Gaddafi publicly hanged dissident students in Benghazi's main square. I am not even mentioning the 1993 disappearance of Libyan human rights defender Mansour al-Kikhiya while attending a Cairo conference after complaining about Gaddafi's execution of political prisoners"- Independent.

The Student Insurgent mourns the losses of 22 in Yemen and perhaps more than 400 in Libya, but stands in solidarity with the people. The people who stand for self-determination and a desire for a better world.

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