Monday, February 7, 2011

New Orleans Squat Fire

A memorial march in New Orleans for the victims of the Squat fire, which cost eight human lives and two dogs. One one frozen night. The Freeze caused the group to seek shelter inside a warehouse and they started a trash barrel fire. The barrel's bottom gave out and the whole structure became ablaze- the victims were dead from carbon monoxide poisoning before the flames took them. The Building was an abandoned New Orleans 9th ward warehouse, which had not been repaired after the storm in '06.

One of the eight, Liam O'Riely, had lived in Eugene for a year and a half and was well known to several to our editors. We will miss him dearly, there was a memorial celebration for his life.

The names of the eight:
Samuel Thompson
Melissa Martinez
Katie Simianer
Jonathan Guerrero
Jeffrey Geerts
Nicole Pack
Justin W. Lutz
Liam O'Reilly
and 2 dogs

The Student Insurgent mourns with all the families, friends and communities hurting after this disaster and hope you can find comfort.

Here is a video of a New Orleans commemorative march to honor the victims.

To read some comments from the traveling community:

The Insurgent feels this tragedy and remains appalled that shelter, is not provided everywhere to every person. The Insurgent recognized the necessity of individuals to seek shelter, especially during inclement weather and is further appalled by the abandoned buildings that are withheld from everyday people, as a basic shelter- which would practically serve the needs of every community. The student Insurgent therefore supports squatting and land seizure and stands in solidarity with the traveling community who feels this loss.

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