Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Portland Police are being watched: Get to Know PDX officers!

Portland Activists have compiled a database of PDX officers, allowing any citizen to look up the history of these officers. A great way to understand your local unchecked authoritarian thugs. The Insurgent supports a communities right to protect itself without the need of roving thugs in uniforms.

"PDF of latest update, plus instructions on how to use the G2KPDX booklet, and a link to G2KPDX.COM, the updated database.

As you are reading a story in a newspaper, such as the recent article in the Oregonian entitled "Veteran Portland Officer Mike Stradley honored with Mark Zylawy Distinguished Service Medal at 2011 police awards ceremony," (January 20, 2011) in which officer Stradley is awarded by the Portland Police Bureau for "compassion towards others, excellence in service and high moral and ethical standards," you can then turn to the "Get to Know Your Police Officers" booklet or the on-line database (G2KPDX.COM) and look up the officer in question, listed alphabetically by last name. In the case of officer Stradley, you would find out that officer Stradley is named in a BOLI complaint by a female officer (Sgt. Reyna) as taking part in the sexualized and sexist hazing rituals that Portland's SERT (like SWAT) team engages in, including forcing an officer to the ground while another officer would sit naked on the officer's face, and storming into the quarters of a sleeping officer, rousting him and simulating having sex with him. The complaint also states that officer Stradley was present at a scene in a hotel room during a "training trip," in which "walked a single female, and they started having sex with this woman. Gary Barbour said, quote: She was sucking and fucking everyone in the room, and he was describing that—he said it with a big smile on his face, and he said at one point Mike Stradley stuck a dildo in her behind, and she didn't like it and that she waved him off."

Somehow, these details about officer Stradley (as well as other not-so-flattering details) were left out of the story (which glorified officer Stradley's "compassion" and "high moral and ethical standards," including 4 pictures of officer Stradley, but not a single one picture of officer Robby Truong, who was credited with saving two lives within two months). Use of the booklet and database in this way can help to reduce the mis- and dis-infomation spread by the Portland Police Bureau, and news companies such as the Oregonian."-PortlandIndyMedia

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