Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Proxy From Mexico

Life makes sense on the farm. There are no deadlines; only what must
get done now and what must get done later. It is as fast or as slow as
you would like, though faster is generally better. Most of you who
earn a college degree will work in fields unrelated to that degree. It
is the mark of jumping through hoops for our societal structure, but
those hoops mostly lead to unsustainable institutions which cannot
last much longer. However, the farm will always be there, and your
college degree will help, because the farm requires all forms of
knowledge. The biologist, the psychologist, the artist, the doctor,
the geologist, the writer, the mechanic, and more; they are all vital
parts of the farm. I am not sure if it is worth spending tens of
thousands of dollars to earn a degree from an institution you likely
disagree with, but in the end, many of you will end up here in the
soil, sun, and seeds. Why not do it now? You will feel more fulfilled
and happier I am quite sure. If not for the sunshine, then for the
soil bacteria which help produce serotonin and prevent illnesses. Then
for not hurting the things you love through your work. Then by eating
delicious food which you worked and worked to grow. Then by solving
every odd problem in the book. Then by being a good person.

PS: Keep the USA in line!

Sage Liskey,
Contributor, Student Insurgent

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