Friday, February 4, 2011

Stop the FBI Raids

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), has recently be involved in raids, surveillance and domestic espionage on political organizations. The FBI has a laundry list of raids, wire tapping, disruption, pseudo-legal interrogation and entrapment against political movements, even (and especially) non- violent organizations. As with the Civil Rights movement, Labor organizations, environmental organizations and more. This behavior must end, the police and investigatory organizations need to disband, because they cannot be trusted to follow their own laws, much less actually end investigation of organizations which pose no physical threats to anyone.

"A protest to stand in solidarity with those being arrested and hassled by the FBI for working for peace and anti war issues. Around 45 citizens stood in front of the Portland Federal building to bring attention to this terrible case of American citizens being spied upon and their civil right violated for working for peace on earth.

This rally was in Portland in front of the FBI office, at 5:30 pm on Tuesday 1/25/11" Portland IndyMedia

In January there were two stories on this blog about under-cover police agents. One that focused on the length of observation- as long as eleven years. The other about the ability for 'activist' police to travel internationally to continue observation and disruption. These mark dangerous trends which make trusting anyone in your movement difficult. The Insurgent stands in solidarity with all organizations who seek to make a more egalitarian world, to resist all police and investigative repression or incursion. There is no excuse for the observation of lawful activities and even most 'unlawful' political action is done with deeply rooted consciences involving no property damage, violence or physical harm. For 'violent' groups, most of that is in response to systematic corporate and industrial violence- Do you not investigate the corporations, the people WITH the power to seriously damage the global infrastructure of human rights, environmental freedom and personal liberation. Why not investigate the corporations, the scandals which lead to monopoly, market-fixing, exploitation? Must you always seek out the already powerless who are seeking only to improve the social conditions of themselves and their community?

In Conclusion, FBI, all your agents, all your informants. STOP, leave the organization and realize that most of your work is pointless and just a nuisance on us, also you are violating what civil protections the Unites States theoretically has to offer.

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