Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TchKung Lyrics to Clearcut

This a by-ear transcription of the TchKung Song Clearcut. Enjoy!

[news real recording]
{song sound effect}
“Musician Lyrics”

CLEARCUT, by: TchKung!

[Today only 2% of the original ancient forests survive]
{Falling Tree}
[Georgia Pacific, Weyrhauser, Odell… Pay back per acre... we can get four times the pickup rate with alternatives such as hemp… help create jobs… Tree Farms are not, tree farms are not, tree farms are not a forest]
[Clearcutting is wrong, its wrong on a spiritual level… you can try writin’ a letter, signing a petition…more than 10% of everybody will… the forest a Clearcut is not a sale it’s a slaughterhouse]

[Forests, Forests, Forests, What are we going to tell the people of tomorrow, the children of your children and so on, these timber lands belong to the American people]

“Don’t answer the phones,
hammer in my hand,
don’t answer the phones,
don’t get a speck off of this land.

You try to compromise,
They’re gonna’ lie
So as long as they’re Clearcut,
We’re gonna’ Spike!

Clearcut… We Spike
Clearcut… Spike!”

[The forest service has already built or permitted enough logging roads to reach the moon and plans for a hundred thousand miles more]

“So you thought you could stop me
by tappin’ my tele-phone
Got two po-lice parked outside
Who won’t leave me alone.

'Cuz you’ve got lot’s of money
Our forests are for sale?
And if you let them rig the law
You go to JAIL!

Clearcut… We Spike
You Clearcut… Spike!”

[The United States, The United States is the only country in the world who permits massive export of raw lumber.]

“We’re makin’ it the end
What’s left is almost gone
What’s left is going fast
And wont be here for long

We could get shot
We gotta’ be strong
Before its to late to stop it
Clearcutting is WRRRONG

Clearcut… Spike
They Clearcut… Spike!”

[hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it!]

{Drum Chorus to end}

-The End-

I could not find another version, so this is posted here for anyone. If I made a mistake on the lyrics please post a comment. I am especially concerned about the two lines of news-recording, which played over each other and I barely hear in the recording I have. Solidarity in defense of the wild lands of the world!

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Anonymous said...

I think he says Come down to the forest, not don't answer the phone, at least in the version I have.