Tuesday, February 8, 2011

US Forest Service to sell off public campgrounds in Oregon

"The Forest Service has proposed to privatize management of Bagby Hot Springs and 27 campgrounds in Mt. Hood National Forest. These 27 remote and beautiful campgrounds represent the last remaining publicly managed campgrounds in Mt. Hood National Forest. Babgy Hot Springs is the only free hot spring in the area and is one of our region's gems. Under this proposal, for-profit companies will manage and profit from our favorite places to relax.

Let the Forest Service know what you think about private, for-profit management of these sites! A complete list of the sites is below. If you have ever camped at any of these campgrounds and don't want to see them run by for profit companies, tell the Forest Service what is special about that campground and why it should not be privitized." -Portland IndyMedia

The Student Insurgent renounces these sell-offs of private land, which will follow with exploitation as they will ensure surrounding forests will go unobserved. The Student Insurgent values natural areas and believes in protection of wild areas, therefore we encourage comment and commitment to action in defense of our wild areas.

Comments can be bade here:

Badger Lake Campground
Bagby Campground
Bagby Hot Springs
Barlow Creek Campground
Barlow Crossing Campground
Big Eddy Day-Use Area
Black Lake Campground
Bonney Crossing Campground
Bonney Meadows Campground
Camp Cody Cabins
Clackamas Lake Guard Station Ranger House
Clackamas Lake Cabins-Compound
Clear Creek Crossing Campground
Cloud Cap Campground
Eightmile Campground
Forest Creek Campground
Keeps Mill Campground
Knebal Springs Campground
Little Badger Campground
Little John
Lower Eightmile Crossing Campground
McCubbins Campground and Overflow Camping Area
Pebble Ford Campground
Rainy Lake Campground
Spring Drive RV Campground
Tilly Jane Campground
Wahtum Campground
White River Station Campground

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