Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin, Solidarity.

The workers in Wisconsin are going on strike, defending their rights to collective bargaining. "We're not the enemy, we are hard working people"- one worker described it. The protests have grown to over 70,000 people, calling in sick- sick of the Governor and legislature threatening their rights.

A Student Insurgent corespondent, KC had this to say about the situation:
"We are occupying the capital, tens of thousands. This is a people's movement, the police and fire fighters are here with us, because they are next on the chopping block- everyone but the tea party is behind this!

There are clothing exchanges, food supplies- one guy bought three hundred dollars worth of pizza and ordered it to the capital for the protests! This isn't like the old protests with bosses organizing, this is the people doing it themselves and it is so orderly. The IWW is active out here and they are making a key contribution, with a motivated and coordinated effort.

It is amazing to see, everything is in a state of excitement, but it's cold. I am about to go testify, that is why the people can protest here, because as long at the people keep going to testify the building must stay open. Everyone is in this together and it is all non-violent, there have been no arrests and only a few citations."- KC, COntributor, Student Insurgent.

There are also reports that several doctors are advising patients to stay healthy and avoid sickness. The are giving consultations and even providing notes to make sure the people are protected when they return to work.

To support the protests send donations to:

Madison GMB Mail - PO Box 2442, Madison, WI 53703
Right now we are working on housing and logistical issues. Please contact Marty for housing at:

The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with the workers, seeking only safety in their jobs.

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