Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami, warning across teh pacifica rim.

A massive earth quake hit japan followed by after shock after aftershock. Multiple waves of Tsunamis has been pummeling inland as far as fifteen miles and moving. Earthquake and Tsunami warnings have been advised across the pacific rim.

"On behalf of the University of Oregon, our hearts go out to everyone affected by the earthquake and tsunamis. Since the news broke last night, our International Affairs staff has been monitoring the situation in Japan and communicating with UO students in the country and our UO exchange partners and sister institutions in the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. We are also mindful of the approximately 2,000 UO alumni in Japan.

Here in Oregon we are reaching out to our Japanese students and visiting scholars and helping to make connections with their families back home. We are working with the Japanese Student Association to offer the Mills International Center as a home base for students who may wish to watch the news and connect with other students and staff during this tragedy.

As tsunamis approached the Oregon Coast, I am thankful for the immediate precautions taken by our colleagues at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston, moving all students and visitors to safe locations before sunrise. Events like this remind us how small the world is, and how much we value our family, friends and colleagues."- University of Oregon President R.LaRiviere.

This incident is made worse by industrialization and the boon of civilization. A nuclear plant in Japan may be venting toxic waste and there are floating masses burning in the Tsunami tide as they are pushed inland The water is on fire. These problems are outrageous.

The Insurgent stands in solidarity with all the families of students who are hurting and worried. This will be a hard time coming up for recovery and especially for the exchange students who have families in Japan. Take care everyone.

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