Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Support Immigrants have the right to economic mobility!

1190 KEX News is hosting a poll on SB845.

"Senate Bill 845 will restore access to an Oregon state driver's license for all Oregonians, regardless of their citizenship status. The thinking is if immigrants don't have a license, they can't get insurance and if they don't have insurance and get in a wreck with you, you're left paying all the cost. With that said, would you support such a bill?"



Anonymous said...

Please don't be an idi*t.
I'm more concerned about the security and future of our nation than whether or not someone has auto insurance... nice try.
It really is an absurd idea, don't you think.
I mean, what laws (in your opinion) should we enforce if any?
So, if an illegal Mexican alien gets pulled over, or, is involved in an accident they should be treated as such.
Imprisonment pending trial, trial, deportation. Just like anywhere else in the world.
Please don't flush Oregon down with California... trust me, we've heard it all before.

Black and White said...

The security of a nation that occupies holy sights and funds the military occupation of third world nations? You are concerned about the future of a free market economy that permits free exchange of goods, services and money, but not people to go to the goods, services and money? That seems like a flawed concern structure, bordering on racism.

Laws are absurd, countries are absurd!

No person is Illegal, we create arbitrary laws and land delineations, that is absurd. Placing a value judgement on travels is absurd.

Trial is just a big was to enforce hierarchal codes of oppression- which do exist nearly everywhere. There is only arbitrary justice.

Oregon is an absurd colonial creation, California too. Get over your notion of systemic oppression.