Tuesday, March 8, 2011

US Uncut and the protests against Bank of America

Eugene formed a chapter of US Uncut- the movement to call in corporate taxes. No more corporate tax cuts, make them pay.

Protests are starting against Bank of America's tax evasion and are happening in many areas. Bank of America paid $0 in federal income tax in 2009 but received $45 million in tax payer bailouts and a $1.2 billion tax benefit from the federal government. Actions have been happening all across America and the UK.

The Eugene chapter held a protest Saturday February 26th, holding a picket line against the bank, which takes money, exploits the public and is a tax-dodger.

Saturday March 12 at the Bank of America branch on 11th and Pearl, from 9am-2pm.

Come join in, thanks for your support.

The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with the movement to demand corporate taxes and paying their share to pay for the services they and all their employees use (like roads for instance).

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