Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pop Music

By: Mark Davis
Pop music sucks when
it's 3 A.M. and your drunk
and laying on the floor of
your apartment and your
all alone and the room
is starting to spin
around and around and
your drunk and there is
vomit on your shoes and
its not even your vomit
and your out of booze and
you blew all your cash on
cocaine and some wretched
bimbo and your real drunk
and you tried to keep the
party going by calling
some friends but no one
answered and your drunk and
starting to feel sick and
the orange ashtray is
overflowing and stinks of
decay and old death and
the radio keeps playing
that shitty tune and it's
playing on and on and on
and it's an empty song
out of an empty head
about an empty life and
suddenly you realize that,
pop music really sucks!

Mark Davis is political prisoner of the failed war on drugs. This was mail-in submission.

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The Student Insurgent said...

damn good poem, let's get that in the next issh