Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UO students demonstrate injustice of Israel.

On April 6th, students at the University of Oregon set up a mock-occupation, showing the injustice of Israeli apartheid. With fake walls and a checkpoint, students are highlighting the oppressive conditions in Israel.

"The purpose of the wall is to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinians and Israeli-Palestinians under occupation" said Ben Jones, of students for Palestinian Liberation.

The walls feature pictures and informational statements on the history and conditions in Palestine . The display is taking place in the EMU Amphitheater. from 11-3 on Wednesday the 6th.

"It is really important to work as an internationalist, that alot of struggles have similar goals in different locations. It is like the struggle of indigenous rights everywhere in the world" said Lidiana Soto, of Student for Palestinian Liberation.

Student's reactions to the display ranged from 'Oh, my God' to exclamations of intrigue and joy that the issue is being raised.

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