Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bow to no men!

By: Gershom
Hiding myself deep into literature,
And forming opinions about~ "What is...?"
I'm seeing a society promoting oppression;
as I seek to stay sane from all the depression.

Oppression within the masses at large,
which are striving not for peace, but war.
The relation between all the majorities
is so contrary to they leaders oratories.

For there is no actual order in this society,
that exists. Only the order of business to buy
or sell people's souls. Every ordeal is ordained
by the casting of lots... made at a whim.

Then the rich take the dragons hoard or gold,
and leave the homeless & poor to sink or swim.

Sinking in waters so deep, there is no bottom
on which to stand. THere be monsters here who
await to leap from the burning sands.

One can not help, but gasp in horror- as
the news is played out on the television...
which is the new messiah of these days.

"Modern Day Rome"- at large upon the
worlds stage.
Creating atonement for all, by the enforce-
ment of petty laws.

Each nation has hidden flaws, which
are built inside the matrix of their
innocent white marble halls.
Tomb's... Waiting... in a moment of
time... to crumble and fall... it will fall.

Now the secret takeover can be satisfied
when the church & state unionize; not
to divide.

Forcing all parties, people's & tongues
to conform and bow to their beast...
or they will steal, kill, destroy:
Making the common people with us & die.

So... Buy or Steal. Persecute of kill.
Demand our Rights, to be free from force
upon our free wills!!

For hidden inside my mind's eye,
I can see no excuse- "To Bow To MEN!"

G.O.P. Gershom is an inmate in Two Rivers Penitentiary, in Oregon.

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