Monday, May 2, 2011

Homegrown terrorist killed by own son, neo-nazis go crazy.

A Prominent Neo-Nazi from California is shot dead by his ten-year-old son. Hall was a member of the National Socialist Movement (NSM- formerly the American Nazi Party).

"Jeff Hall, 32, a regional director for the National Socialist Movement, was killed in the early hours of Sunday morning by a 'known assailant' at his house in Riverside, California.
Police removed two handguns from the property and questioned one of his five children, believed to be a ten-year-old boy. They have not yet ruled out the possibility that the shooting was deliberate."-Daily Mail

Jeff Hall was the "Regional Director" according to the NSM website which opines him as "a dedicated American Patriot... on the California and Arizona Borders leading Patrols in efforts to halt illegal immigration, organized rallys, meetings, and events for the NSM countless times. Jeff was looked up to, and respected by thousands of people. He was well liked in his community where he ran for office last year, attaining nearly 30% of the vote as an open National Socialist Candidate..." A Nazi getting 30% of the vote in America... what does that say?

The Stormfront website, a notoriously virulent, violent white supremacist group responded with a thread announcing it was a conspiracy: "First David Lynch, now this guy. Both shot at their homes in Cali. Something is going down. :("
-Yes, you are Nazis, YOU are going down.

Another member posted: "Police responded to "shotS fired" but then later says that he died with a "single gunshot wound" as someone else here already mentioned... Something doesn't add up here. If it was an accident you wouldn't hear more than one shot."
-Well, if you keep guns, it's just a matter of time before you're going to have a backfire, or a drunk friend's mistake will land you in the hospital... or your ten year old pick up your gun that is lying around and shoots you.

yet Another: "The Child did NOT do it! Just wait the sexual abuse will "come out"
But the JEW do they have a motive?
Blame a child, a murder victims child for the murder, smell a JEW?"
-Clearly, because child murder is a common jewish thing, what are you even saying? Also jewish people do not have a 'group think'.

and another: "In his honor I say one word : REVENGE"
- great, violence is the answer to everything, this is why the neo-nazi ideology is invalid. Also, since his son killed him, do you want to kill his son? Really?

With names like "TechnoHimmler", "White Russian German", "Cleanse By Fire", "Disturbed Angel", "Punk Ass Gearhead", "Blood Raven" and "adolf hitlist", these cheery folks are an interesting lot.

The NSM hails Hall to be "a tremendous inspiration", the Insurgent finds him to be a bigoted terrorist. The Student Insurgent finds that resistance to neo-nazi elements leads to a more inclusive society. Because you can't really debate with a person who wants millions of 'jews', 'foreigners' and other 'undesirables' dead. That is not the premiss of any intellectual debate, because in any such discussion a member of the 'undesirable' community must justify their existence, their very life, to such a person predisposed to disliking them. That is not a discussion, that is a trial. No to bigotry, no to neo-nazis.

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