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May is Forest Action Month

Starting May 12th, the Survival Center is bringing you non-stop awesome, amazing, in-your-face events! You could learn how to climb trees, how to save wolves, how to organize and how to make guerrilla films! If you come to one of the benefit concerts, we will even teach you how to party!

The goal of Forest Action Month is to remind all of us that Oregon has a long proud history of it's citizens advocating for protection of it's wild places, often in opposition to the law or the powers that be. It is important for this history to be passed down, the skills relearned - Oregon's forests are still for sale and the wildlife is still under attack. Now, more than ever, we must be prepared to defend the forest and the wild places by any means necessary.

We also have started doing Food Not Bombs again! Planning meetings are every Tuesday at 2:30 in the Survival Center. We cook Fridays at noon at the Lorax Manner, 1648 Alder Street. Lunch is served at 2:00 PM in Kesey Square. If you are interested in joining us, come to a meeting or email us at What is Food Not Bombs you ask? We invite you to follow this link - (

Itinerary for Forest Action Month

May 12th - 30 Year History of Earth First! Blue Mountain Biodiversity Project - 6-8 pm - Ben Linder Room - Karen Coulter will be presenting on the history of one of the most effective and radical groups ever to work to protect the Earth. Learn the history of this ragtag band of earth warriors with an experienced activist. For more info about the Blue Mountain Biodiversity Project (

May 13-14th - Camping Trip to Mc Creedy Hot Springs! - N.E.S.T - all day - Want to take a camping trip out to McCredie Hot Springs with Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team! We will be camping, learning how to climb trees and explore the site of one the most intense forest defense campaigns in Oregon's history: Strawdevil. Please RSVP to - space is limited. We will provide transportation and some food, further details available to those who request. For more info on NEST (

May 14th - Pirate Themed Party for the FOREST! Cascadia Forest Defense Fundraiser - Lorax Manner 1648 Alder Street - Starting at 8:00 PM - Fundraiser for Cascadia Forest Defense! Akbar, Ataghost, Cowboy and Idiots and Special Guests! $5 to get in, $3 if you call Seneca Jones at the party entrance and tell them to drop Trapper! For more info about the fight to save this beautiful forest -

May 18th - Role of Radicals in Social Movements - Portland Rising Tide - 6:30 - River Rooms - The workshop will look at the use of narrative and story by social movements for social change. Different types of narratives will be presented as will how to use story effectively and strategically in campaigns. Participants will also learn narrative power analysis and narrative approaches to social change.. For more info about Rising Tide North America (

May 19th - Remixing Political Videos - B Media - 6:30 - PLC 180 -
Learn about Fair Use, how to rip movies off the Internet, why to do it, and what sort of messages you can re-message once you do. Participants will come out of the workshop with knowledge of guerrilla filmmaking and how powerful of a tool it can be. For more info on the B Media Collective (

May 20th – Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team Benefit Concert with Aeon Now! + Guests – Free Skool Warehouse on 299 Garfield - $5 (ish). Celebrate earth defenders and support continued survey efforts this summer! Music, drinks, starry nights, utilitarian architecture and fire dancing!

May 24th - Wolf Wars! - Big Wildlife and Cascadia Wildlands - 6:30 - Ben Linder. We will be watching the film Lords of Nature. Following the film we will have a panel discussion with Cascadia Wildands and Big Wildlife, two activist groups that are involved in the struggle to protect these beautiful and misunderstood animals. For more info on Big Wildlife ( or Cascadia Wildlands

May 25th - The Elliot State Forest - Cascadia Forest Defense and Cascadia Wildlands - 6:30 - 115 Lawrence. The Elliott State Forest is a 93,000 acre temperate rain forest near the Oregon Coast. In Summer 2009, Cascadia Forest Defense put up blockades to try to defend the forest from logging. The result was 27 people were arrested and the slaughter continues. Join Cascadia Forest Defense and Cascadia Wildlands as they discuss what is currently happening in the forest and what tactics can be used to save it. For more info on Cascadia Forest Defenders

May 31st - Rural Organizing Workshop - 6:30 - Walnut Room - This workshop will focus on building relationships and alliances with a diverse coalition, especially between urban and rural communities. We will look at examples of campaigns in rural Oregon, successes, challenges, and failures. The workshop will encompass forest defense, but will be applicable to a broad range of issues. For more info about the Rural Organizing Project - (

The Survival Center is an umbrella organization for social and environmental change. We empower activists on campus and in the community to create radical change.

Forest Action Month is cosponsored by the Climate Justice League, Students Against Empire, the Multicultural Center, Bad Egg Books, The Student Insurgent, International Socialist Organization (Eugene Branch) and the Student Sustainability Center.

If you would like to contact us, whether for media concerns, questions or to RSVP for the NEST camping trip, please contact

If you made it through this entire email maybe you really love the Survival Center. Did you know that we are currently hiring co-directors for next year? That's right, you could be setting up amazing events, be an even more awesome organizer and get paid an insultingly small amount for all of the work you are going to do. Applications are available in our office, located in EMU Suite 1 (the bottom floor of the EMU, in between the Craft Center and the Non-Traditional Student Union) Hope to see you all soon!

The Survival Center

The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders. - Edward Abbey

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