Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Valuable than Gold!

"There are three resources today of critical value; electricity, oil and leaves. Electricity to power our great city's demands. Second is the oil, which burns, to create our electricity and feeds our society, through artificial fertilizers. But our oil is running out and our society is growing, demanding ever more electricity.

Today marks an epoch, which will burn our future, our society and ourselves. Watch, as leaves and organic matter are burned to power our society.

What they will not say is that as oil runs out, so will petrol fertilizers. We will need fertilizers for our food, upon which the stability of society rests. The great Ohio farmer Jim Preyther remarked " Leaves are more valuable than gold". This Seneca facility wants to burn the most valuable resources we have and that we need- for our fields and farms.

Jones' plant is telling us that when one critical resource- oil, runs out; we should burn the second- Biomass; a resource more valuable than gold, to support the third, electricity. This electricity is not demanded by our homes, or our schools. The great industry is lapping electricity like a dog drinking sea water and we the citizens, will bear the sickness of the dying animal.

This plant will chain us to a system that will justify and demand , not just the excesses of yard waste- it will demand trees, the shrubs and all the green and living things of the city. When all the city has been consumed, it will begin to eat at our forests, wildlands, preserves- eating our heritage and our future. This is an ethic of war, to kill all things that are green; an ethic that would cut off the body to save an arm; an ethic that would tear out its lungs to feed its stomach.

We do not ask for the great wealth of ecological systems to be preserved. We ask for inclusion at every democratic level, of the plant. Ff the species more ancient than our own, be granted these rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. If a corporation is a person, then so is a tree, so is the fern, the insect and the worm. No other process can ensure human habitation of the earth.

Jones, this is not scrap, that which you burn, you are raking from the cycle of decomposition and soil nutrition. When you burn it, on who's home will those ashes fall- surely not on yours. Who will pay the hospital bills, for the families with respiratory illness and cancer- which follows this industry like a plague. It is no mistake that the externalized cost of tis industry is born by the state. For the company cares not more for human life that for plant life and is willing to kill both. This is not self-destruction, it is however, a sociopathic existence.

At some point, on some level, you must reckon with the ethical, social and economical failure that this blast furnace creates. It stands for not less, the the sacrifice of the quality of life the thereby the life itself. Remember that leaves are more valuable than gold, from the farms before petrol, to the great oaks and douglas fir forests today. Our culture and our history must value the plant and the person equally, or we risk loosing both by sacrificing either. It is from this place of understanding, deeply rooted in the history and culture fo this region and nation, that we condemn this facility, which threatens our society, our future and ourselves.

In its plave we offer the wisdom of the ages, a shared burden, which requires a shared sacrifice. We must simply use less electricity, as a people. We must value our lives along with the least of our citizens and we must have nature, all its plants mega and microfauna, to be part of all decision makein processes. Our plants deserve a vote, on behalf of our planet. To empower our people, we must empower the planet. Solidarity."

-This was a speech given on 5/1/11, during the protest of an opening Biomass facility, which burned organic matter to produce electricity. Written by: C. Gillespie.

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