Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama claims Osama is dead.

US president Obama claims that the former figurehead of the the Al Qaeda has been killed.

The Student Insurgent maintains that killing Osama will not solve 'terrorism', because Osama is only a recent manifestation of the unjust US imperialism. No matter how many Osama's or Che's the US government kills, the force that created them endures and new figure heads will emerge.

US imperialism is not to raise the US flag over a state, it is to raze governments that are resistant to corporate interests- by fomenting civil unrest and internal violence to create instability. Using this instability to justify further violence against sovereign states. Using the US military as a tool to deliver the death blows of a regime, the falling governments will be replaced with a forum in internal strife. In such forums, the pointless religious and social differences will be played against one another to prevent any meaningful resistance to corporate ownership of public goods.

In Iraq this occurred with Oil, in Libya it is occurring with Oil and it will likely continue over natural gas and control of remaining petrol.

These wars over resources and private control will continue unabated. With more military bases established around the globe, to ensure more readily accessible reserves of natural resources. Such military bases are what inspired Osama Bin Laden, the US imposition upon Muslim holy sites. Osama called for a war against the US, not because be hated the people or 'non-believers', but likely on the institution of foreign military control of religious sites.

In a report by scholar Robert Pape, the unifying and universal message behind all 'terrorist' organizations is removal of foreign troops from home soil. If the US wanted to 'fight terrorism', it would have withdrawn troops, instead it has destabilized nations and killed millions of civilians. In a minor success, after a decade, the global hegemonic superpower was able to kill one man. This minor success is overshadowed by the unification of anti-US sentiment under the banner of Al Qaeda.

The Student Insurgent does not endorse violence, ever. We do however, stand in solidarity with the people oppressed under US imperialism and we condemn the ongoing occupations of the home soil and natural resources by the US military or US corporations. We do not support global exploitation, we find that these sorts of military endeavors are not the interests of the occupied people, nor the people of the US and we disavow ourselves of any actions by the US government to perpetuate these global systems of injustice.

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