Monday, May 9, 2011

Omar Offendum to speak on Arabic Poetry at UO

Omar Offendum, Hip-Hop Artist will speak at the University of Oregon.

"Born in the KSA, raised in the USA, harassed by the TSA"

Offendum is a rising star and a political artist. His background is as a bilingual performer, rapping and reciting poetry in English and Arabic. His songs are engaging, drawing on themes of empowerment and historical struggle. Calling on his audiences to "learn from a rich history", of poetry, language and art.

Monday, May 8th, 2011, in the Ben Linder room.

The presentation will be on the influence of Arabic poetry on Offedum's songs.

The Student Insurgent strongly encourages attendance at this event, both to show solidarity with political artists and to learn about our own influences. His work is acclaimed, but kept underground, because no record label to will take his name- it is up to each of us to support real efforts towards a more conscious future.

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