Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Valuable than Gold!

"There are three resources today of critical value; electricity, oil and leaves. Electricity to power our great city's demands. Second is the oil, which burns, to create our electricity and feeds our society, through artificial fertilizers. But our oil is running out and our society is growing, demanding ever more electricity.

Today marks an epoch, which will burn our future, our society and ourselves. Watch, as leaves and organic matter are burned to power our society.

What they will not say is that as oil runs out, so will petrol fertilizers. We will need fertilizers for our food, upon which the stability of society rests. The great Ohio farmer Jim Preyther remarked " Leaves are more valuable than gold". This Seneca facility wants to burn the most valuable resources we have and that we need- for our fields and farms.

Jones' plant is telling us that when one critical resource- oil, runs out; we should burn the second- Biomass; a resource more valuable than gold, to support the third, electricity. This electricity is not demanded by our homes, or our schools. The great industry is lapping electricity like a dog drinking sea water and we the citizens, will bear the sickness of the dying animal.

This plant will chain us to a system that will justify and demand , not just the excesses of yard waste- it will demand trees, the shrubs and all the green and living things of the city. When all the city has been consumed, it will begin to eat at our forests, wildlands, preserves- eating our heritage and our future. This is an ethic of war, to kill all things that are green; an ethic that would cut off the body to save an arm; an ethic that would tear out its lungs to feed its stomach.

We do not ask for the great wealth of ecological systems to be preserved. We ask for inclusion at every democratic level, of the plant. Ff the species more ancient than our own, be granted these rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. If a corporation is a person, then so is a tree, so is the fern, the insect and the worm. No other process can ensure human habitation of the earth.

Jones, this is not scrap, that which you burn, you are raking from the cycle of decomposition and soil nutrition. When you burn it, on who's home will those ashes fall- surely not on yours. Who will pay the hospital bills, for the families with respiratory illness and cancer- which follows this industry like a plague. It is no mistake that the externalized cost of tis industry is born by the state. For the company cares not more for human life that for plant life and is willing to kill both. This is not self-destruction, it is however, a sociopathic existence.

At some point, on some level, you must reckon with the ethical, social and economical failure that this blast furnace creates. It stands for not less, the the sacrifice of the quality of life the thereby the life itself. Remember that leaves are more valuable than gold, from the farms before petrol, to the great oaks and douglas fir forests today. Our culture and our history must value the plant and the person equally, or we risk loosing both by sacrificing either. It is from this place of understanding, deeply rooted in the history and culture fo this region and nation, that we condemn this facility, which threatens our society, our future and ourselves.

In its plave we offer the wisdom of the ages, a shared burden, which requires a shared sacrifice. We must simply use less electricity, as a people. We must value our lives along with the least of our citizens and we must have nature, all its plants mega and microfauna, to be part of all decision makein processes. Our plants deserve a vote, on behalf of our planet. To empower our people, we must empower the planet. Solidarity."

-This was a speech given on 5/1/11, during the protest of an opening Biomass facility, which burned organic matter to produce electricity. Written by: C. Gillespie.

Burning trees for electricity Lane County, Oregon?

Local Timber Baron, Seneca Jones, built a 'biomass' power-plant. Burning lumber, from Oregon's timber sales and converting the energy to electricity. This facility was opened today, May 5, 2011 and from day one protests reigned in any notion that this plant was a good idea.

This lumber-fired generator was built with an exemption from air pollution regulation, over the concerns raised from the common knowledge: burning wood releases smoke. Despite the exemptions of Lane County, there has been wide-spread opposition from the Sierra Club to the Cascadia Forest Defense, that this plant will encourage the commodification, exploitation and destruction of Oregon forests, additionally degrading air quality. To put a stop to this facility, a protest of nearly forty shut the gate to the plant, by picket, banner drop and lock-down. Three were arrested in the process.

One person in lock-down was only visible from waist down, as he was locked under a station wagon with a bike lock. The whole entrance was shut down while seven police cruisers waited by and two fire crews were called in to cut out the protester. The police seemed on-edge, with assault rifles in their cars and a K-9 unit on call to protect the Seneca Jones Plant.

Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (L.R.A.P.A.) granted the exemption, it is widely known that they have been bought-off of the Jones. The plant is located just North the Eugene city limits, on highway 99. and is therefore regulated by Lane county. Lane county is already known for poor air quality, because of it's place as the un-official grass seed capitol of the world. Adding to pollen, is the common practice of field burning, these combine for an already awful hay-fever season. Adding the ash and soot from a giant furnace will not improve conditions.

The Plant was hailed by regional planners as a job building success, to bring in money and burn up the pulp from the Seneca Saw mill. What is not mentioned, is the cut logs being used to stoke Seneca's fire, state forests being cut and burned for electricity. There has been no plan for payment when respiratory diseases and cancer rates increase. The plant is located by the low income and expanding North Eugene neighborhood of River Road.

The Seneca three, shut down the plant for several hours and this is only day one.

Follow up:
The three arrested were all released separately from lane County Jail at 3pm.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bow to no men!

By: Gershom
Hiding myself deep into literature,
And forming opinions about~ "What is...?"
I'm seeing a society promoting oppression;
as I seek to stay sane from all the depression.

Oppression within the masses at large,
which are striving not for peace, but war.
The relation between all the majorities
is so contrary to they leaders oratories.

For there is no actual order in this society,
that exists. Only the order of business to buy
or sell people's souls. Every ordeal is ordained
by the casting of lots... made at a whim.

Then the rich take the dragons hoard or gold,
and leave the homeless & poor to sink or swim.

Sinking in waters so deep, there is no bottom
on which to stand. THere be monsters here who
await to leap from the burning sands.

One can not help, but gasp in horror- as
the news is played out on the television...
which is the new messiah of these days.

"Modern Day Rome"- at large upon the
worlds stage.
Creating atonement for all, by the enforce-
ment of petty laws.

Each nation has hidden flaws, which
are built inside the matrix of their
innocent white marble halls.
Tomb's... Waiting... in a moment of
time... to crumble and fall... it will fall.

Now the secret takeover can be satisfied
when the church & state unionize; not
to divide.

Forcing all parties, people's & tongues
to conform and bow to their beast...
or they will steal, kill, destroy:
Making the common people with us & die.

So... Buy or Steal. Persecute of kill.
Demand our Rights, to be free from force
upon our free wills!!

For hidden inside my mind's eye,
I can see no excuse- "To Bow To MEN!"

G.O.P. Gershom is an inmate in Two Rivers Penitentiary, in Oregon.

The Empire.

The titan's madness
leaves us undone.
The worker's slaughter;
The bosses having fun.

Tall towers,
falling down.
Small soldiers,
Walking into town.

Hanging heads,
cheering crowds.
Kingdoms falling,
with king's heads in clouds.

Planes soaring,
bombs burst.
The crowds roaring,
The deathtoll's new worst.

Volunteers marching,
with paychecks in blood.
Nations Falling,
Corpses laying in the mud.

Seven million,
Dollars a Day.
For jets to make,
corpses in a new way.

The titan's madness
leaves us undone.
New Walls in Palestine,
No homes, where shall we run.

Israel holds food,
Israel holds water and land.
Palestinians hold tears;
Palestinians bury bodies in sand.

So many bodies, so many dead.
So many starving, who have you fed?
No more young men or schools; only dread;
No more bricks, mortar, or houses for dead.

Plant a tree,
No, not for me.
Plant a tree,
for seven generations to see.

But to plant a tree,
there must be land to grow.
The cement walls and checkpoints,
all the guns and fear, they simply must go.

I want my freedom,
I demand my say.
Are murders in my name?
No more, not after today.

I demand to eat,
I demand to live.
To plant that tree,
Israel, that land you must give.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Homegrown terrorist killed by own son, neo-nazis go crazy.

A Prominent Neo-Nazi from California is shot dead by his ten-year-old son. Hall was a member of the National Socialist Movement (NSM- formerly the American Nazi Party).

"Jeff Hall, 32, a regional director for the National Socialist Movement, was killed in the early hours of Sunday morning by a 'known assailant' at his house in Riverside, California.
Police removed two handguns from the property and questioned one of his five children, believed to be a ten-year-old boy. They have not yet ruled out the possibility that the shooting was deliberate."-Daily Mail

Jeff Hall was the "Regional Director" according to the NSM website which opines him as "a dedicated American Patriot... on the California and Arizona Borders leading Patrols in efforts to halt illegal immigration, organized rallys, meetings, and events for the NSM countless times. Jeff was looked up to, and respected by thousands of people. He was well liked in his community where he ran for office last year, attaining nearly 30% of the vote as an open National Socialist Candidate..." A Nazi getting 30% of the vote in America... what does that say?

The Stormfront website, a notoriously virulent, violent white supremacist group responded with a thread announcing it was a conspiracy: "First David Lynch, now this guy. Both shot at their homes in Cali. Something is going down. :("
-Yes, you are Nazis, YOU are going down.

Another member posted: "Police responded to "shotS fired" but then later says that he died with a "single gunshot wound" as someone else here already mentioned... Something doesn't add up here. If it was an accident you wouldn't hear more than one shot."
-Well, if you keep guns, it's just a matter of time before you're going to have a backfire, or a drunk friend's mistake will land you in the hospital... or your ten year old pick up your gun that is lying around and shoots you.

yet Another: "The Child did NOT do it! Just wait the sexual abuse will "come out"
But the JEW do they have a motive?
Blame a child, a murder victims child for the murder, smell a JEW?"
-Clearly, because child murder is a common jewish thing, what are you even saying? Also jewish people do not have a 'group think'.

and another: "In his honor I say one word : REVENGE"
- great, violence is the answer to everything, this is why the neo-nazi ideology is invalid. Also, since his son killed him, do you want to kill his son? Really?

With names like "TechnoHimmler", "White Russian German", "Cleanse By Fire", "Disturbed Angel", "Punk Ass Gearhead", "Blood Raven" and "adolf hitlist", these cheery folks are an interesting lot.

The NSM hails Hall to be "a tremendous inspiration", the Insurgent finds him to be a bigoted terrorist. The Student Insurgent finds that resistance to neo-nazi elements leads to a more inclusive society. Because you can't really debate with a person who wants millions of 'jews', 'foreigners' and other 'undesirables' dead. That is not the premiss of any intellectual debate, because in any such discussion a member of the 'undesirable' community must justify their existence, their very life, to such a person predisposed to disliking them. That is not a discussion, that is a trial. No to bigotry, no to neo-nazis.

Thanks to

Building Solidarity Across Geographic Regions.

"With its plethora of social movements and tangled politics, South America can seem befuddling to the outside observer. Ben Dangl’s lucidly argued and dynamite book, however, goes a long way towards rectifying the situation. Though political forces on the ground have made significant gains in recent years, they still face uphill battles as they press ostensibly leftist regimes for more concessions. activists in the US can learn from movements based in Latin America. movements and actions in the US that drew from tactics and strategies of the landless movement in Brazil and water rights activists in Bolivia, for example. One major tactic is not allowing a fear of empowering the right dictate all actions as activists. In Brazil, the landless movement continues to support the lesser of two evils in elections while also occupying unused land and working it for survival, regardless of the slow pace of land reform pushed by the government. Social movements in Bolivia have been able to both defend the progressive policies of the Morales government while radicalizing his policies by pressuring him from below. Translating these tactics, in the US, will be different for each community. The past ten years in Latin America have seen a historic shift to the left in the halls of government power and the streets, so it makes sense that people in the US need to learn from these examples if we are to break out of the stranglehold of our stagnant political culture."- Upside down world.

In Brittan "anarchists in Britain have been most visibly active... The extent of the destructive social policies being forced upon us is entirely unprecedented, and they are coming at us so thick and fast that it feels impossible to keep track of them (this is no accident of course) never mind come up with a coherent alternative that everyone fighting the cuts would agree on. Instead, the way the working class is responding is to attempt to fight the cuts and salvage what we can at a local level. But at a national level, not only does no one single strategy dominate, but this is probably a good thing at this stage. No one has managed to stitch up ‘the alternative’ and so dialogue about it is not only possible but still centrally important. The main point of the march, therefore, was to make our anger known, and furiously determined people did this in various ways according to what they understand the point of protest to be."- LibCom

Tactics in Greece, "On top of EU discussion about whether the government will default on their debt or not, the Greek working class are continuing their protests against austerity... in the Athens suburb of Keratea, locals furious over the building of a new landfill site dug a two-meter deep ditch across the Lavriou Highway, leading to Keratea – permanently blocking traffic. Hours later, scuffles broke out with police who rushed to the spot. Athens' top police officer has also recently asked for his men to be removed from the area. Greece has also seen numerous strikes, occupations, demonstrations and riots, all of which are causing many to wonder if Greece is becoming ungovernable."-LibCom

The lessons of global struggles can teach us lessons on how to resist- from street theater and marches of Egypt, to the book-blocs of Italy, from the theater of the oppressed in Mexico to the street riots of Seattle we all have lessons to learn.

"There is clearly a breakdown of the rule of law, and without the rule of law there can be no economic development," said political analyst Takis Michas.

The Student Insurgent holds that lack of laws does not precipitate a lack of order. To the contrary, the greatest order of freedom is one where the people do not have a boot on their neck. The Insurgent stands on solidarity with the oppressed people of the world.

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Obama claims Osama is dead.

US president Obama claims that the former figurehead of the the Al Qaeda has been killed.

The Student Insurgent maintains that killing Osama will not solve 'terrorism', because Osama is only a recent manifestation of the unjust US imperialism. No matter how many Osama's or Che's the US government kills, the force that created them endures and new figure heads will emerge.

US imperialism is not to raise the US flag over a state, it is to raze governments that are resistant to corporate interests- by fomenting civil unrest and internal violence to create instability. Using this instability to justify further violence against sovereign states. Using the US military as a tool to deliver the death blows of a regime, the falling governments will be replaced with a forum in internal strife. In such forums, the pointless religious and social differences will be played against one another to prevent any meaningful resistance to corporate ownership of public goods.

In Iraq this occurred with Oil, in Libya it is occurring with Oil and it will likely continue over natural gas and control of remaining petrol.

These wars over resources and private control will continue unabated. With more military bases established around the globe, to ensure more readily accessible reserves of natural resources. Such military bases are what inspired Osama Bin Laden, the US imposition upon Muslim holy sites. Osama called for a war against the US, not because be hated the people or 'non-believers', but likely on the institution of foreign military control of religious sites.

In a report by scholar Robert Pape, the unifying and universal message behind all 'terrorist' organizations is removal of foreign troops from home soil. If the US wanted to 'fight terrorism', it would have withdrawn troops, instead it has destabilized nations and killed millions of civilians. In a minor success, after a decade, the global hegemonic superpower was able to kill one man. This minor success is overshadowed by the unification of anti-US sentiment under the banner of Al Qaeda.

The Student Insurgent does not endorse violence, ever. We do however, stand in solidarity with the people oppressed under US imperialism and we condemn the ongoing occupations of the home soil and natural resources by the US military or US corporations. We do not support global exploitation, we find that these sorts of military endeavors are not the interests of the occupied people, nor the people of the US and we disavow ourselves of any actions by the US government to perpetuate these global systems of injustice.