Wednesday, May 18, 2011

War on Terror & War on Trafficking

War on Terror & War on Trafficking:
Why Irrational Panic over 'Modern Day Slavery' Harms Women

Thursday May 19th, from 6-730pm in Condon 104, University of Oregon.

Presented by Emi Koyama, War on Terror & War on Trafficking examines “facts” promoted by the anti-trafficking groups and “experts,” and exposes how they have distorted our conversations about sex trafficking and prostitution and harmed women, sex workers, immigrants, and others.

The presentation also explores many ways in which the new War on Trafficking resembles the so-called War on Terror in its worldview, approach, and devastating impact on vulnerable communities.

Emi Koyama is a multi-issue social justice activist and writer synthesizing feminist, Asian, survivor, dyke, queer, sex worker, intersex, genderqueer, and crip politics. Her work has been published in Color of Violence: An Incite! Anthology, The Transgender Studies Reader, the companion volume to Women’s Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third Wave Feminism, and other books, as well as Bitch, Tikkun, Women’s Studies Quarterly and other periodicals.

Come to find out why:

• Average age of entry into prostitution is not 12-14 year old
• 300,000 children are not at risk of being trafficked
• A third of runaway youth are not trafficked within first 48 hours
• Super Bowl and World Cup did not contribute to human trafficking
• Portland is not “Pornland, Oregon”
• “End Demand” approach targeting “johns” harms women
• Anti-trafficking “experts” should not be trusted (remember Bill Hillar?)
• Trafficking is often the State’s excuse to raid immigrants and communities of color
• Anti-trafficking movement distorts reality and misleads public policy

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This event sponsored by Student Insurgent!

The Student Insurgent is hosting: 'What a Man Looks Like'

What a Man Looks Like: Transgender Slam Poetry by Oscar Scandal McNary!

Ben Linder Room on the lower level of the Erb Memorial Union (EMU) on the University of Oregon campus. 13th and University St. Eugene, OR.

Celebrate the Rapture with a slam poetry performance. Seattle's Oscar Scandal McNary will also be reading from his blog and other writings.

Oscar works for social justice through spoken word poetry, activist workshops, and porn. His quirky poetic style ranges from comedic musings on street harassment to vulnerable explorations of his inconsistencies. He uses his performances to promote explicit consent, celebrate queer and trans identities, and to combat oppression.

He competes weekly in the Seattle Poetry Slam, and this one time, he won it. He has been featured at trans and queer spoken word events such as Boston's Transcriptions and Seattle's Spit! He is the author of the porn zine “Hell Yeah!” and stars in the porn “Yes, Please!” with Javier Rey available soon on Q Tube.

He also writes a blog about his experiences as a polyamorous queer transman, a survivor of sexual violence loving his body, sex- positive feminism, challenging transphobia, racism and other forms of oppression among other topics. His work can be found at and

Oscar identifies as a femme transfag. He hopes to improve the visibility of non-passing trans people by looking totally gay all the time. He thinks baseball pants are sexy. He often wishes he was a 1935 drag queen.

His new chapbook “Saran Wrap Leisure Suit” will be available for purchase at the event.

Sponsored by the Student Insurgent, Survival Center, and Student Cooperative Association.

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Civil Liberties Defense Center Benefit

Fill this rift with Justice!

June Full Moon:16,17th
Transportation provided, Eugene meet up: 7pm. Location TBA. Return 1230-1am. Dessert and drinks served at sunset by the McKenzie before we put in.

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