Friday, February 3, 2012

Syria tonight

Reports from Twitter indicate a massive government massacre of civilians in Homs, Syria today. Government forces reportedly rolled in with tanks and mortars, causing hundreds of deaths, many of which are graphically depicted in the video below.

Protestors have surrounded Syrian embassies in Berlin, New York, Washington, Kuwait, London and Madrid, in some cases breaking in to the buildings. More protests are planned for the morning. For updates on the ground in Syria tonight, follow @BigAlBrand.


Anonymous said...

How do you know the pictures are from Homs? Does the bourgeois press really need your help to promote war against Syria?

You already got duped into supporting the US/NATO imperialist war against Libya. Don't become imperialist stooges.

Do you really have nothing to say about this that we couldn't hear from CNN or, for that matter, Fox News?

Anonymous said...

RT is reporting rumors that British troops are already in Syria. We now know that the Brits secretly sent troops into Libya far earlier than anyone knew. Is this the sort of "revolution" you're supporting?

If the US manages to install a pro-US govt in Syria, the entire Mediterranean Sea will be under US/NATO control. They tried and failed to pull this off in the Black Sea, to turn it into a "NATO lake".

The "rebels" in Syria are getting support from the Muslim Brotherhood, from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Morocco. The president of Yemen is in New York for medical treatment. That doesn't raise any doubts about what's going on there and what the US role is?

The Student Insurgent said...

@Anonymous (1):
I was surprised at your comment surrounding the Libya conflict. Matt and I checked, and, sure enough, someone had endorsed foreign intervention in Libya in the name of the Student Insurgent. This was before I worked here; around the same era, I wrote a piece criticizing U.S. intervention in Libya.

Your criticisms were at once sharp and sharpening. This is not a retraction, but your cautions have been heeded.

Joel (Co-Editor, Insurgent)