Friday, November 2, 2012

Eugene Anti-Fascists resist David Irving’s event.

On Friday, November 2nd, Eugene anti-fascists made their presence known in response to David Irving’s event “Hitler and I”, hosted by local fascist organizer Jimmy Marr. David Irving is recognized worldwide as a holocaust denier and fascist sympathizer, whose events are frequently held in private with strictly screened attendees. Despite our repeated attempts, we were unable to find their location. There is an equal possibility that Irving cancelled the meeting, as he is known to do when resistance is expected.

Events like this recruit people to white supremacist ideology and hate groups, and often lead to an upswing in violence against people of color, LGBTQ people, Jewish people, women, people with disabilities, the homeless, etc. Events like this also make local hate groups feel energized and empowered. It is important to confront these events to make a statement that we don't want this in Eugene.

Eugene has continually grappled with it’s own racially motivated conflicts. In light of this, we believe that communities should unite in opposition when fascist organizers attempt to target sections of the population with violence and hate speech. Some critics of anti-fascists defend fascist organizing as a free speech issue. The First Amendment and related free speech laws protect citizens from state intervention, not from criticism by the public.

In response to this threat, Eugene anti-fascists held a public rally and dropped several banners to inform the public. We extend our solidarity to Portland anti-fascists and others who have opposed David Irving in their cities.   

 Antifascista siempre.


Anonymous said...

From at article on

Antifa is just one of the international anarchist groups currently being used by the intelligence agencies of imperialist states to sow confusion and chaos among the ranks of disaffected youth, inciting them to mindless, violent acts that serve the agenda of an ever- encroaching police state. This organization, in particular, targets intellectuals who denounce Zionism as well as alternative media outlets which expose the mechanisms and institutions that promote US imperialism throughout the world. It does all this under the guise of “anti-fascism”.

Due to the simple-mindedness of their beliefs and stupidity of their actions, Antifa tend to attract naïve and angry youths who turn up at demonstrations in black hoodies in order to provoke police crackdowns and sabotage any meaningful resistance to the current political order. In other words, Antifa are a group of useful idiots, whose real agenda is to promote fascism under the guise of “anti-fascism”.

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, this isn't a defense of Jimmy Marr or David Irving---just an attack on Antifa.

The Counterpunch article was about Antifa's attacks on the opposition to "humanitarian" imperialism---the bombing of Libya and the calls to start bombing Syria.

Be careful who you associate yourselves with.

The Student Insurgent said...

This alternative media site has never been attacked by them and fascists must be denounced. To do so without 'hoodies' is to expose one's self as a target which may be attacked. AntiFa is doing valuable work and has a considerably more profound analysis than you seem to give them credit for. Why don't you read more at -

Anonymous said...

When David Irving spoke at the UO, there was a large crowd of protesters. They were mostly old, many were Jewish and they didn't hide their faces.

I looked at the link. Didn't see any "profound analysis". There was a lot of standard pro-Israeli stuff, straining to relate any criticism of Israel to anti-Semitism. Why any anarchist would support the Israeli government is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

"I looked at the link. Didn't see any "profound analysis". There was a lot of standard pro-Israeli stuff, straining to relate any criticism of Israel to anti-Semitism. Why any anarchist would support the Israeli government is beyond me. "

Stop being a lying faggot. Antifa does NOT support the Israeli government or anti Arab bullshit. In fact Rose City Antifa specifically denounces it in this article:

Islamophobic Ads Reach TriMet

But 2/10 for trolling, Nazi trash.

Anonymous said...

"Stop being a lying faggot"----is that the insightful analysis the Student Insurgent is advocating?

I read the "Antifa" website including the attack on Tim Calvert. They strained as hard as they could to smear him as an anti-Semite and still didn't pull it off.

Groups like "Antifa" have always been around. Serious activists have never had any use for them.

In the '70s, there were old Wobblies in Eugene who had been active in the IWW during World War One, who had joined the Communist Party after the war. They were still politically active. The ones I knew were disgusted by groups like this. They knew nothing about organizing and they undermined the people who did.