Friday, December 7, 2012

Sticker Contest!!!

Submit revolutionary (rev.)/radical images which will inspire action and a move toward social justice. The stickers will be printed by The Student Insurgent (see

We want art which has a critical anti-oppressive analysis. Submit a short explanation of what this art is trying to convey and how it relates to the rev. Please include any personal narratives which add meaning to the imagery.

Stickers will be displayed with an author statement at the University of Oregon, then selected stickers will be mass printed.

Deadline for submissions:  JANUARY 15th!!!

-Original art  or with permissions.
-Full color preferred, may be B&W
-Roughly 4"x4", it can be slightly larger or smaller (but don't send us a full page image).
-Image may include words/text, but the image should be evocative on its own accord.
-The art must depict either an action or symbol.
-The art should come out of some struggle, resistance to oppression, or to further the rev.
-Don't center dominant cultures. EX: putting a white dude with a colonial flag, drinking alcohol, and eating meat in the middle.
-There is NO limit on the number of submissions per person.

Please submit materials to:

or hard copy--

The Student Insurgent (stickers)
EMU Suite#1
Eugene, OR, 97401

1st place: the best image submitted will have 1000 copies of that image printed for the winner.
2nd place: 600 copies for the winner.
3rd place: 200 copies for the winner.
Runners up may be part of a mass printing and receive a hard copy in the Survival center.


Mark Davis said...

Contest is the best time for the new comers or professionals to have a competitive portfolio. Basically, content is the challenge for the ability of any professional and through this way he is filtered.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather take my content elsewhere then giving it to the Oregon Insurgent.