Friday, February 8, 2013

Upcoming KYR booklet!

Hi Friends,

We are working on our upcoming Know Your Rights booklet.  It will cover talking to the police, asserting your rights, special considerations for immigration and youth, and grand juries. 

Until then, check out this presentation with CLDC attorney Lauren Reagan.  And remember, just say "NO" to cops.


Anonymous said...

Are you guys really that bored?

Charlie Parker said...

I have a question for you guys, how come you don't cover more issues happening here at the University of Oregon? It seems like you guys pick issues to write about at random?

Thomas, SI co-editor said...

Hi Charlie,

We try to pick timely issues, and sometimes those have to do with UO stuff, but mostly has to do with what is important to us. Sometimes it has to do with intervening in a certain narrative (like our Decolonize issue, for example), or providing resources for students to respond to an increasing police presence on campus (the reason for the upcoming Know Your Rights Issue). We also have a sizable audience outside the University of Oregon, including other radical libraries and lots of incarcerated folks on our mailing list, so that could explain why we aren't so focused on the UO.

That being said, there is always a lot going on on campus, which we could certainly give more attention to. We are definitely open to submissions and suggestions. And our meetings are Wednesday at 7.


Charlie Parker said...

Okay that makes a little more sense. If the booklet is in response to the gun issue going on at the University you should make it more clear. The Emerald, and Commentator made clear statements about it, you guys could write an article about it on the blog or something.

Do you guys really have a big following outside the Campus?

Charlie Parker said...

I had another question. How come you have a subscription fee?

Thomas, Student Insurgent said...

I would say it's to cover the cost of mailing to people. But, most everyone we mail to is from another radical publication (with whom we trade subscriptions), or else is incarcerated (who receive free subscriptions.)

We have a surprisingly large mailing list! At least, it was surprising to me.

Thomas, Student Insurgent said...

And thanks for the idea about responding to the gun issue. we talked a little bit about it tonight, and will put something forth soon.

Charlie Parker said...

Are you guys allowed to do that? The mailing to other publication in exchange for other subscriptions? Don't student fee's cover most of your publications?