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Who We Are/What We Do
The Student Insurgent is a consensus organized journalistic endeavor based at the University of Oregon in Eugene. We are unionized with the Industrial Workers of the World (the IWW). We publish a periodical magazine, a weekly newsletter, this blog and a series of bulletins and special issues pertinent to immediate struggles. The Insurgent office also operates as a zine publication and distribution center.

We are a radical publication that seeks to deconstruct the existing social order and facilitate  its replacement with one which is ecologically sound and functions on egalitarian lines. We agitate and educate the student body by addressing issues which are often ignored or marginalized. We strive to be an open forum -- somewhere the silenced and oppressed can express their ideas and opinions free from the filters of the mainstream media. We exist to challenge oppression, exploitation and hierarchical power structures.

Historical Summary
The Student Insurgent began operating in 1989 as a leftist news source. We engaged in ideas exploring radical theories and ideologies with relevance to contemporary movements, situations and happenings. The Insurgent has filled the need for consistently radical/leftist analysis of contemporary issues for 24 years. We joined the IWW in 2012.

We share our paper in exchange with other radical publications, as a part of the Left Alternative Media Project (L.A.M.P.). We have historically mailed our paper free to prisoners, to do our part in challenging repressive state institutions.

We offer subscriptions for our physical paper, $15 a year by mail. The Insurgent is distributed freely to UO students, the community and prisoners.

This Blog
This blog seeks to summarize other IndyMedia sites in the US, as well as providing coverage of world news and local events, complete with commentary and review. You can make it easier for us by emailing us these sorts of things. We will try to make space for everything that falls within the scope of our mission. Check out the Submission Guidelines and send away!

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