How to Write and Create for The Student Insurgent:
photo: @rfduck

The Insurgent encourages its readers and supporters to submit. Some of the genres we're inclined to print are:

Letters to the Editors, News Articles, Short Fiction. Poetry, Cultural Criticism, Theory, Music and Art Reviews, Narrative, Graphics, Photos and Cartoons.

Priority will be given to local news and analysis. We reserve the right to edit anything and everything we receive for grammar, clarity or length. All articles reflect the perspective of their author(s), and do not necessarily represent the views of the of the staff of The Student Insurgent. Content of all lengths will be considered.*

You might also take a look at our wish list to get an idea of what we're looking for right now.

Current Deadlines:
  • The Student Insurgent Magazine - As determined by the staff. All magazine deadlines are posted on our Twitter feed.
  • The Resistance (weekly newsletter) - Thursday, 8 PM.
  • The Student Insurgent Blog - Any time, any day.

Please send all submissions to:


The Student Insurgent
1228 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR, 97403

 *Please specify in the case that your contribution is specifically intended for publication in The Student Insurgent, The Resistance or The Student Insurgent Blog. All un-specified submissions may be considered for publication in all three formats.