Wish List

Here's a list of all the things we really wish we had at the Insurgent:

We could sure use a few heart-felt rhymes about now. We tend to print originals.

What's a revolution without pictures of creepy montages of disaffected vampires munching on, like, maple trees and farm equipment and people's pant legs? .... What do you mean that's a good question?

Yeah, we do a magazine, but that's not all we're about. We can host creative and informative pieces on our website.

Help with distribution

If you've got a spare hour, and can run a stack of magazines downtown or up Willamette street, that would be great.

Commentary on Issues Concerning the UO
We'd sure love to print and/or post your (well-informed) opinion about Lariviere, the EMU, OMAS, etc. Send it in!

All submissions or relevant questions can be directed to studentinsurgent(@)gmail.com.